Strawberry Sauce

Preparation time



2 servings

If you've ever been to a restaurant and ordered a dessert, that has a delicious fruit sauce on top of it, but never knew how to make it on your own, let me tell, it doesn't get easier than this. And despite the title of this recipe being 'strawberry sauce', the same cooking process as described below can be used for pretty much any kind of fruit you'd like to sauce-ify. It works especially well with berries and other fruit with a moderate to high water content, but should theoretically truly work for anything, you just might need to introduce some additional moisture into the mix yourself.


  • 250 g strawberries (or other fruit of your choice, fresh or frozen)

  • 25 g sugar

  • juice of half a lemon


  1. Add the fruit, sugar and lemon juice to a pot.
  2. Start heating on a medium-high temperature until the sugar has dissolved and the mix starts to bubble. Mix occasionally, so the sugar doesn't burn.
  3. Lower heat to medium and leave uncovered to gently simmer, about 15 minutes (or longer for a thicker sauce), stirring occasionally.


She thiccc: The viscosity of this sauce will entirely depend on how long you'll be cooking it for. If you prefer it thinner, cook it just long enough for the fruit to soften. If you like it thicker, cook it longer, just make sure to keep your eye on it the later it goes, since you could burn it, if too much moisture evaporates.

Don't like it chonky: If you want a smoother sauce, just take an immersion blender and blend the sauce while still in the pot. Depending on the fruit used, you might also want to strain it through a sieve or even some cheesecloth, for the silkiest of textures.

How to use: This sauce can be used in a variety of dishes and in many ways. Serve it warm over some vanilla ice cream, let it cool to room temperature and drizzle it atop a panna cotta or let a mixed berry version cool completely, then drizzle it immediately before serving your traditional pavlova. Stored in an airtight containers, this could also serve as a home-made alternative to store-bought jam.